At risk for prescription drug benefit spending?

National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS) is a fully-integrated pharmacy benefit manager headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We build end-to-end solutions to control prescription drug spending and ensure appropriate care for members.

2018 marks 25 years in business for NPS. While markets, technologies, and pharmaceutical healthcare practices have undergone exhaustive changes, our mentality remains the same. We see partnership as a privilege.

A group of pharmacists founded NPS and pioneered what is now referred to as the transparent, pass-through, or zero-spread model. Call it what you will, it’s the right way to do things.

5 ways NPS makes prescription drug benefits work the way you always thought they should…

1 A transparent model that champions mutual success. NPS upholds full disclosure of claim accuracy and associated payments as a baseline in every relationship. Instead of cherry-picking numbers and fixating on what you ‘save,’ you’ll see exactly where every dollar goes. After all, drug benefits are an expense — accountability and traceability should be expected.

  • No hidden costs, no hidden fees, and no price spreads.
  • NPS charges a flat administrative fee and passes through a share of ALL rebate monies.
  • Granular on-demand reporting comes standard via NPS Online and CLIQ Reports.

2 The right size for a perfect fit. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the client-centricity of a specialized provider for the clout and capabilities of a big-box PBM. NPS gives you the best of both worlds to provide immediate, sustainable solutions that will dovetail into your new or existing program. Having worked with health plans covering 200,000 people, as well as others covering 25, our flexibility is a testament to our ability to create and deliver value in any situation.

3 We know the secret to giving partners what they want: We ask. Because the NPS claims processing system is maintained completely in-house, we are an incredibly agile partner. Have an idea for a new report? A new tool to streamline your workflow? A custom service? We’ll listen and start planning.

4 Clinical strategies grounded on sound financial principles. NPS clinical programs are developed by an in-house team of pharmacists, nurses, and clinical specialists. Their real-world experience yields smarter ways to mitigate risk, engage members, and improve health outcomes. These solutions are effective at the pharmacy counter and influential on your bottom line.

5 One thing we don’t negotiate? Safeguarding member wellbeing. Founded by pharmacists, NPS insists on providing top-tier 24/7/365 clinical support for partners and members. The quality-assured call center upholds a first call resolution rate of >99% and supports end-to-end member outreach strategies.

NPS proudly partners with…

  • Health plans of all sizes
  • Self-insured employers
  • Unions
  • Health and hospital systems
  • Municipalities
  • State programs
  • Federal programs
  • Universities
  • Third-party administrators and insurers
  • Medicare Part D Plans (MAPD, PDP, PACE, SNP, EGWP)
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Employer group sponsored retiree plans
  • Workers’ compensation clients
  • IPA and physician groups