About National Pharmaceutical Services

National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS) is a fully integrated pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) servicing Group and Commercial Health, Medicare Part D, Managed Medicaid, Health Insurance Exchanges, and Workers’ Compensation programs. A division of Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc., NPS combines a client-oriented approach with a proprietary claims processing system to manage prescription drug costs and ensure appropriate care for members nationwide.

More than a ‘transparent’ pricing model, NPS upholds full disclosure of claim accuracy and associated payments as a baseline in every relationship. NPS also maintains an owned, closed claims processing and pharmacy benefit management system. From sponsors, to providers, to members, NPS treats the individual behind every interaction like a true partner.

Exemplified by success and growth in the pharmacy benefit domain, NPS balances the benefits of:

  • Clients by delivering efficient, effective, safe, and reliable prescription benefit plans.
  • Members through prescription care that provides awareness, education, and optimal health outcomes.
  • Pharmacy Providers through solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Healthcare Providers by offering the flexibility to give patients the most appropriate prescription care.
  • The Healthcare Industry by spearheading the future of healthcare management with high integrity.