Workers’ Compensation

Leveraging more than 20 years of nationwide experience, National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS) workers’ compensation solutions typically save clients 25 to 50 percent more per prescription. This high rate of return is due to agile design — NPS can customize everything, including the plan, formulary, and network design, to ID cards, first fill strategies, and mail order programs. Client-specific plans are geared to put injured workers on the fastest, most appropriate routes to recovery.

Starting with a specialized formulary — which can be tailored to address acute and chronic pain, or even specific injuries — NPS entitles coverage to only those medications commonly prescribed in occupational injury cases. At the point of injury, NPS can issue a card preloaded with cost controls. For maximum value and convenience, plan-specific home delivery services are offered through the Integrated Home Mail Order (IHMO) Pharmacy.

Beyond the transaction, NPS’s clinician-managed programs enhance drug utilization and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, actively hunting for invoices unassociated with on-the-job injuries. Finally, plans have the support of account experts that know the jurisdictional nuances of active state(s).